Savage Engineered Equipment’s line of industrial walk in ovens offer performance at a cost effective price. Horizontal airflow keeps the temperature uniform throughout the chamber.

ST216 Powder Coating Oven

ST216 Powder Coating Oven with Chamber Window

Temperature Range
* Ambient +5°F to 500°F

* Powder coating
* Curing
* Mold preheat

* Internal: 72″W x 72″D x 72″ H
* External: 97″W x 82″D x 95″H

* Painted Steel

* Aluminized Steel

Circulation System
* Two 24″ fan blades generating 2,400 cfm/ea
* Direct drive motors, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
* Horizontal Airflow

* Slam latches
* Double doors to reduce door swing

Heating System
* 30 KW of heat
* Seamless Tubluar elements
* Controlled by Solid state relays

* Voltage specific
* High limit for safety

Control Panel
* Main power switch
* Heat on/off switch
* Single set point temperature controller
* Process timer to shut heat off at end of cycle
* UL Listed

* Racks and carts
* Hangling brackets
* Disconnect box
* Extension box
* Pass through configuration (doors on both ends)
* Exhaust Packages
* Programmable controllers
* Insulated Floor

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